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 The Quilt Shack is adding more collections of fabrics! We have some amazing new lines from Northcott Fabrics, Moda, Wilmington, and more. We have so many fabric lines available, that we will have to get creative about storing them all! We are mostly known for our Outdoorsy, Western, Farming, Flannels, Batiks, Novelty, Minky, and our huge color wall of fabrics. While we are known for our fabrics, we also have great class options for all levels and time schedules. After being in the quilting business for over 14 years now, I can officially say I am a proud quiltaholic and love what I do! We have a great clientele that truly makes what we do as a business worthwhile. Watching generations grow up and learn the craft, to enjoy helping others make their ideas a reality, is why we still do what we do. We are more than just a quilt shop, we are a community!

Prineville is growing quickly over the last few years, and more of our neighbors are learning about what we have to offer as a city and community. Our downtown area is growing with new shops and restaurants; Vintage Cottage, Bayberry Lane, The Wild Rose Boutique, Sweet Willow & Co., and more.  There have been 3 new shops that I haven’t had a chance to check out, and everyone said they are really nice and worth the trip.  Out of the restaurants, Dillon’s is my girl’s favorite, but there is Mazatlan, Gee’s, Meadow Lakes, Sandwich Factory, and a new place called Crabby’s.  I like the small restaurant AK’s Tea & Bake Shoppe in Sweet Willow & Co., they have homemade soup & salad or sandwiches… gluten-free too!  Although I may not get out as much during the week for lunch, having awesome friends and family to bring you lunch is the chosen few for great menus!

I enjoy watching our city grow to new potential, I feel that some don’t realize what all we have to offer! Prineville will always succeed in attracting our outdoor recreation and sense of community.

If you decide to bring the men out or ladies’ day of play, we have a beautiful golf course at Meadow Lakes. We have wonderful trails for walking Barnes Butte Trailhead is a favorite, they also have a gravel walking area that is wheelchair accessible. Some of our hidden gems include Steins Pillar Trail, Chimney Rock Trail, Twin Pillar Trail, and Lower Crooked River. Prineville is a friendly little town with fun things to do, come join us for the day or even just for the afternoon, you won’t be disappointed! 

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