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Great Causes To Be Involved In!

 Owning a business here in Prineville, Oregon, supporting our community is a highlight. Many organizations look to business owners and their community for help, there are a lot of ways to help out by volunteering or by donating.

For instance, the Quilt Shack is proud to support many of these organizations include; schools, sports, churches, guilds, 4H, fairs, rodeo, rotary, Human Society, Soroptimist, Hospice, and more.  As small business owners, we do our best to rotate out our donations but always support these great causes.  We wish we could support them all every year with the same amount of support, but it’s just not feasible.

Of course, we have organizations that are true and dear to our hearts, even though we try to support them all, but we will take some time to talk about our favorites.  Each month we are going to highlight their organization and what they do for our community and what you can do to be a part of it.

Prineville Hospice (St. Charles) is an outpatient service for serving families with loved ones in their last moments.  This organization is at the top for us due to personal experience and the commitment they have to serve their patients dying with dignity and respect.  Every year they hold an auction, at the Prineville fairgrounds, to give the community and local business owners the opportunity to donate to this wonderful cause.  We do enjoy making quilts to help raise money for this event, where they get auctioned off to the community.

Human Society of the Ochocos is an animal rescue facility where animals can be taken care of until a new permanent family.  As animal lovers, we donate a quilt for their fundraiser to help support our furry friends.

Crook County High School Sports being parents in the community and having had children in sports, we realize how expensive sports can be for parents. We believe in helping children to stay active and goal-oriented, and we participate in their local fundraisers.

These are some of the organizations that we are a part of and hope that it encourages you to be a part of them too!  Now remember it doesn’t take money to be helpful, volunteers are always welcome.

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