Cuddle Luxe 2 yard Cut:Snowy Owl-Alloy By Shannon Fabrics


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Cuddle Luxe 2-yard Cut: Snowy Owl-Alloy By Shannon Fabrics.

If you're a fan of our Luxe Cuddle® line, you're going to love the convenience of our collection of Luxe Cuddle® Minky plush fabric two-yard precuts! Luxe Cuddle® Snowy Owl Minky plush fabric features an intricately-textured embossed design that elicits a feeling of gliding over snowy hills in winter and early spring, and these two-yard precuts are both handy and versatile - they're great for everything from the back of a quilt, to a pet pad or spa product. Some of our favorite projects include throw blankets, pillows, pillowcases, robes, infinity scarves, stuffed animals, and toys, and you can even use precuts to make slippers, vests, jackets and so much more!


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